Name Change

As I was developing my ideas for the Libby Grace series, I kept having doubts about book two's title. I didn't want there to be any confusion or misleading for readers to think it's all about romance. This series will have some elements of it, but it is by no means a romance. This is mystery. Well, today as I went over my ideas for book two, a new title that I think is more apt, popped into my head. I wonder what readers will think. The new title is:

How to Blackmail a Ghost

I can't wait to get it out to readers and find out the reaction. This series has been fun to imagine and write so far, although it's also been tons of work. I have been writing for years successfully with romance, and writing in first person in a new genre is challenging and scary. I hope to grow, learn, and have fun over this side.

Thanks for reading.

- Audrey Claire