Distortion Control is Out Now

Distortion Control
(A Makayla Rose Mystery Book Three)

Makayla Rose doesn’t let life get her down too long. She’s been through a lot, and she thought it was all in the past when she moved to small town Briney Creek. Unfortunately, the past has the awful habit coming back to haunt you.

Makayla’s more recent decisions have caused a rift between her and the good sheriff, and she can’t see a way to repair the damage. Then she’s drugged, kidnapped, and bound next to the murdered ex-wife of the sheriff.

Spencer is charged with the crime and held without bail. “I need you to do one thing for me, Makayla…believe in me.” This is déjà vu for Makayla’s checkered past, and belief is the last thing she feels. All she can do is discover the killer fast and hope she’s not falling into another trap.

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