Release Schedule

Coming March 2015

Wolf Ties
Book 2 in the Rue Darrow Series

Someone has killed Nathan's roommate, alpha of the most prominent werewolf pack in New Orleans. The police are holding Nathan responsible, who was found on the scene covered in blood. With days remaining before the full moon, Nathan can't afford to be locked up among humans. On top of that, he's out of control with grief and rage.

Rue will do anything to save the man she's come to care about, but she's running out of time. The humans can't learn his secret, and the pack can't find out the murderer might have been a shifter from a despised group. No matter how much her tracking abilities have improved, she can't find the killer.

Desperate and out of options, Rue calls in a favor from the werewolves' other enemy. Surely, the wolves will forgive her for humiliation she serves them in the name of stopping a war.

Coming April 2015

Odds Ball
Book 3 in the Margot and Odds Cozy Mystery Series

Margot is asked to go under cover at a ball, held at a fancy hotel. Well, actually it's just another of her short term jobs to make ends meet. She'll work as a server for the rich and important people.

The real mystery is can Margot uncover her neighbor's secret. Zabrina Fague just happens to be on the guest list, and there's an air of determination about her. Unfortunately, a murder gets in the way of Margot's sleuthing. Still, it's nothing she can't handle with the help--or hindrance--of her naughty cat Odds.