New Books Are Available

Hello Readers,

Did you know? The third book in the Rue Darrow series is available now. Check out my books section. You might not be aware, you can read all of my books for one low subscription at OysterBooks and at Scribd. Check them out.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads and enjoys my work. I give it my all to entertain you and to give you a little chuckle here and there. :)

Also, if you're holding out for more of Margot and Odds, please know book 4 will be out some time before summer end, fingers crossed. As for the Makayla series, I decided to end it at book 3 and noted it on the website. I learned recently I had mistakenly indicated in earlier copies of the books that more was to come. I apologize for the error.

- Audrey