Death Wore a Scream - Book 3 in the Happy Holloway Series

Annie thought she was making great strides in learning to trust Flynn. She can actually touch him--well his back. Flynn is less than enthusiastic about this growth.

Annie learns her friend Stacy is missing, and she thinks Stacy’s boyfriend, Robert, has done something to her after Annie and Stacy uncovered his dark secret. With Annie’s family history, the police refuse to believe her.

What Robert says is really going on shocks Annie to her core. He claims someone is trying to kill Annie and Flynn. Annie’s not sure if she should believe Robert, but he keeps dogging her steps. She’s starting to wonder if the person who’s trying to kill her isn’t Robert himself.
That is until Robert ends up dead.

It’s Halloween, and Annie’s life is about to take a turn toward the paranormal, as if things aren’t wild enough.