Multiple Exposures

Multiple Exposures

(A Makayla Rose Mystery Book Two)

Makayla Rose has gained a reputation in the small town of Briney Creek. She keeps a semi-level head when presented with a dead body (running blindly into traffic withstanding). She is skilled with a camera, the inanimate love of her life, and she's seeing the hot new sheriff.

The citizens of her town have noticed her. That's probably why Makayla gets an anonymous letter in her mailbox one day asking her to investigate one Dr. Zachariah Bloomberg - gynecologist. “…and if you think he is guilty of something, convince the sheriff.”

Wonderful. Now she has to get her hoo-hoo checked, and the good doctor might be up to no good. Makayla, never one to turn away from a challenge, visits Dr. Bloomberg mostly because of her insatiable curiosity. Soon, barefoot and dressed in one of those ugly gowns, she's embroiled in another mystery when she discovers the doctor's dirty secret lying right next to his dead body.

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