Odds Ball

Odds Ball
(Margot and Odds Mystery - 3)

Margot takes a job working as a server at a fancy ball held for rich and important people. At the same time, she'll work undercover, according to her best friend Nancy. Margot will at last learn Zabrina's secret that she's been hiding all this time.

The night gets interesting when Margot sneaks off to have a quick rest only to witness Zabrina murder an older man. Margot's favorite detective arrives on the scene, a storm blows in, trapping them all in the hotel where the ball is being held, and Odds, Margot's naughty talking cat, is threatened.

If Margot and Odds can make it to morning, everything will be all right. Margot just has to have faith in Odds, and accept a little bit of help from a gentleman murderer.

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